Trademarx Wall Décor Means Increased Sales and Happy Customers

Retailers have been buying our college sports and NHL® hockey products for years for a simple reason... we make money for them. Here is how we do that.

Comprehensive product line. We produce wall décor for more than 50 leading colleges and university teams, from the Alabama Crimson Tide ("Roll, Tide") to the Wisconsin Badgers ("On, Wisconsin"). We are also the sole licensed provider of wall decor for the National Hockey League in the United States and Canada.

Top quality products... better than ever! Students and alums of the colleges and universities, and fans of the NHL© hockey teams want to stand up and cheer when they proudly display their support with these great looking appliqués.

  • Crisp, clean look with bold, vibrant colors. Our digital print technology allows the content to really pop. People will look at these products and say "wow."
  • Easy to install and remove. Our innovative, peel and stick technology allows people to install these appliqués in seconds. They also can be removed just as quickly. And, since there is no paste, it does not leave any residue when removed.
  • Low prices. Our ability to produce these products at low cost means we can offer them to you at some of the lowest costs in the business. That means you can offer them to the college sports and hockey fans who come into your store at low prices that still allow you to make a nice profit.

Same day shipping. We stock almost all of our items, and we can frequently ship same day for in stock items. Faster delivery, quicker sales.

Superior customer support. Have a question. Call us. We are here to help you.

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